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Global Comparative
Disability Legislation

UN CRPD and Optional Protocol signatures and ratifications and analysis of employment legislation by country

View countries that have enacted disability employment legislation including employment topics:

Employment Topics

To effectively analyze each piece of legislation, a ten-item set of review criteria was designed by members of the YTI team to align with related facets of UNCRPD Article 27 to address each country’s employment disability rights legislation in accordance with Article 27.


Law focused on providing provisions against discrimination of persons with disabilities.

Equal Basis

Law protecting the rights to just and favorable work conditions on an equal basis for persons with disabilities.

Trade Unions

Law that ensures exercise of trade union rights on an equal basis with others for persons with disabilities.

Training, Rehabilitation and Other Employment Services

Law that assisting in finding, obtaining, maintaining and returning to employment through training, rehabilitation or other employment services for persons with disabilities.

Promote Employment Opportunities

Law that ensures employment opportunities and career advancement in the labor market for persons with disabilities.

Self-employment, Entrepreneurship

Law that promotes opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship for persons with disabilities.

Public Sector

Law that ensures persons with disabilities in are employed in the public sector.

Private Sector

Law that ensures persons with disabilities in are employed in the private sector.

Reasonable Accommodation

Law that ensures reasonable accommodation is provided in the workplace for persons with disabilities.

Employment Quotas

Law that addresses having a certain percentage of employees that are employees with a disability.